Ascended Master Healing

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SaRa offers one-one-one personal channelled sessions with Ascended Masters.

During the session you will meet with one or several Ascended Masters who will be channelled by SaRa to offer guidance, healing and Higher Light Activation for your life. Each session is highly individualised and will offer you expansion and insight, as well as high frequency energy for yourself. You may also be offered healing and Higher Light energy activations, as well as guidance for your life and spiritual journey. Some have even been guided on a journey of Light with the Ascended Masters.

All guidance offered will assist you to connect with your soul at a deeper level and bring clarity into the NOW moment of your life. At some time during the session you will be given time to ask questions and get clarification from the Ascended Masters. You may ask about anything you wish and it is a good idea to note them down in advance if possible.


Personal Channelled Session with the Masters

Sessions are available face to face, through Skype or over the phone and last up to 90 minutes - £180


For more information on this service please email SaRa

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