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Ascension Clearance


This Ascension Clearance offers you a unique opportunity to write off your karmic script, creating from love instead of fear; creating a new life in line with your original divine blueprint.

Just as we inherit our psychological wounds from our ancestors, we also inherit many of their karmic contracts. More often than not, these promises are made silently, without discussion, at a time when we unaware and powerless. Bringing awareness of our personal karmic contracts is the first step forward, which will uncover poorly written contracts which limit our soul growth, as an individual or a group.


Together we will recreate a whole new template in accordance with your higher self and with life in the higher dimensions. Sessions last up to 90mn during which I will do a full body scan and identify your karmic agreements and the purpose they serve; clearing all that do not serve you for your highest and greatest good. All karma is transcended by divine dispensation. With your clear intention and SaRa's specialist clearing you are on your way to a completely new and free you!

You will need to make a commitment to be available for 5 sessions lasting up to 90mns in order to benefit from this activation. Ascension Clearance - £575


I value my work and the time spent on each person's needs is testimony to the level of quality work you can expect from me. Above all my intention is to be of service to humankind. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the testimonies of people who received high level Ascension Clearance.

This highly effective clearance and soul enlightening experience consists of 5 healing sessions and regular energy top-ups sent by distance healing. Together let's move forward and upwards and reach the stars!

To book your sessions please visit send me a message via the form on this page, thank you.

With much love and many blessings, SaRa


Full chakra and karma clearing - full DNA activating - Soul Retrieval


The activation is as follows:

  • Complete karma removal, this means this lifetime and ALL lifetimes. Remove the karmic burden of others. Karma removal will clear and assist you with:
  • Loss of ability to let go - guilt over the past, inability to move fully into life, addition to food, alcohol, sex, work, substances and tobacco - unexplained anger, fears, phobias, physical pain, infertility - intense relationship issues~ violence, betrayal, suppression, victimisation - spiritual denial; inability to balance and reclaim power - lack of prosperity; financial problems. We completely clean the slate.
  • Soul retrieval - Release of Soul Group conditioning - Parental control - Co dependency issues - Retrieval of all lost soul fragments, lost spirit, lost purpose, lost or "stolen" energy.
  • Pillar of Light activation, this is a non-forceful Kundalini activation with all obsolete programs and vows made over many lifetimes completely removed and your spinal canal cleared and sealed with Light. Cancel ill conceived scripts, contracts, vows, promises and agreements that no longer serve your present and future self.
  • 33 chakra clearing, balancing and activation, these are all your chakras from the Earth Star under your feet all the way to the Creator. The higher chakras facilitate receiving information from Angels, Guides, Ascended Beings and the Family of Light
  • 12 strand DNA activation, you now have only 2 strands and in some people the DNA is not even in good condition. Removal and healing of ancestral misqualified energies; past, present and future [genetic healing]. Activating the 12 strand completely programs your DNA for optimum health and activate spiritual gifts.
  • White Light anchored around your aura, for sealing the tears and damaged parts of the aura, permanently anchored.
  • Violet Flame anchored around your aura, to bounce-off any negativity, permanently.



More than 50 lovely people received this ascension clearance and activation not long ago, this is some of their comments after receiving it:

27 June 2010 - 28 June 2010

  • Kathryn L. YES, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. I will keep it simple, LOVE PEACE JOY LIGHT FOR ALL!! Blessings..♥
  • Lynn C. Wow! thank you for bringing us to this - I have to say, I'm finding this is more and more the case! What I'm thinking at the moment is: bright blessings and love to you all! :) ♥
  • Gabriel P. It seems like devas, great spirits who support all natural life groups through love.
  • Kym L. wow, is that ever powerful. even when I'm not looking, I still see it.
  • Gavin S. Beautiful, thank you kindly for sharing. God bless you SaRa for your wisdom, love, compassion and elevation to the higher dimensions. Namaste
  • Rudolf J. Thanks so very much SaRa ♥
  • Joanne J. Very beautiful ♥ thank you ((♥))
  • M. H. Mahalo SaRa for the beautiful vibrant heart. Namaste
  • Caroline H. Lovely Thank you
  • Stella S. thank you SaRa, it is beautiful...
  • U. G. Beautiful... love and peace for everyone.
  • Nicole M. SaRa, blessings and thank you. All of my gifts and abilities are so heightened now it is unbelievable. I have become much more compassionate with my people and they definitely notice the Godhead with me. Those without God's light have really reacted in not so charming ways but I have had enough help from the angels to say and do the right things. I am getting used to these powerful energies as I have never experienced quite a rush like this before. I thank you.
  • Karla A. thank you for this activation SaRa. I am so fortunate to have you as my friend. I ask for happiness, tranquillity, and love. ♥
  • Sumti J. thank you SaRa for this wonderful experience, blessed by you, i am in harmony with everything and everyone around...thanks again
  • Duneep S. thank you. so so so much. i feel great!
  • Abhinav A. i think i don't deserve it...but i m thankful 2 u for sending me in a heart...and a heart is heaven for me
  • Dr Suresh love & light
  • Evi P. So impressive, love flooding. That would be the best flooding ever!! Thank you SaRa. You are great!!


29 June to 06 July 2010

  • Tahir A. Thank You So Much SaRa - Namaste
  • Lisa S. I think that you may be the lucky charm of the world. I feel great, thanks and all my love to you
  • Angela K. ‎"safer for them to ease in gently" oh yes SaRa for sure of this for me. Thank you SaRa
  • Jaya N. Thank you. This was a awesome experience.


31 July 2010 to 08 September 2010

  • Lisa M. Thank You so much SaRa! This is such a wonderful feeling ! Blessings, much love and light!
  • Karin L. SaRa thank you this is so beautiful, i feel enlightened by your presence and your healing, much love and blessings as we travel our journey xxx
  • Nicky B. SaRa, Thank you.
  • Victoria A. Thank you SaRa !!!
  • Debra A. Dearest SaRa, my soul thanks you ♥
  • Ollie J. Dearest SaRa .... you healed me of a problem I have been going through for many many months. Or so it seems as it hasn't reoccurred since Saturday. I didn't realise you were healing too. (Hot sweaty flushes every hour or two day in and day out ...for months, so uncomfortable). Thank you thank you thank you. Love and Blessings ♥ Ollie x x x My husband says If you have any magic healing left could you swish a bit his way please. ♥
  • Lidija B. Thank you .....again....and again and again....
  • Ynez C. ♥ a gift for us ♥ a gift for the world ♥ thank-you ♥
  • Vladimir B. awesome! :-))

As a matter of fact, it is I who must thank you all. I was guided to do this activation and at an amazing rate too, but still I managed it. This morning, as a consequence, I found myself on a much higher vibration, so, as it seems, you have all reached where I was not long ago, you all have filled the vacuum, if there ever was one.


To all of you who feel much lighter and in a more positive energy I am so so happy for you. To those who do not quite feel that way; it is happening, only at a different speed, your own "safe" speed.... some wonderful souls here had an awful lot of karma to clear, it is probably safer for them to ease in gently in these powerful new energies.... one thing is sure.... you will not be able to go back where you were on the energy level....others "below" will not relate to you and all that is not of your high vibration will not come close to you..... you may even be invisible to them.... enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥ and thank you for letting me be of service to you, thank you for your trust, thank you for your love, stay blessed ♥




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