Message from Lord Buddha


Greetings my Beloveds,


I Am Lord Buddha and it gives me great joy to speak to you on this day.

I come forth to bring a Blessing for the birth of Shakti Aabhaa’s Ashram – which is known to us as the Rose of India.


The Light of the Angels and Ascended Masters shines through this project which is filled with Divine Love and will be a Portal, a Sanctuary, where you may all come and be bathed in Divine Love as you receive the teachings that will be gifted to you.


This Sanctuary holds the codes of Divine Love which will be anchored and transmitted to all who come here.


So it is that I invite you to come to India and receive the highest and purest blessings of the Heart.


Your heart will be opened wider and filled with Grace from the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.


This land holds many sacred teachings from the beginning of time, which it has shared with the world.


Now I tell you a new teaching will come from India through the Divine Feminine energies and the Portal of Divine Love that these combined energies will facilitate in all of you.


My Presence overlights this Ashram as I stand in my Golden Robes of Light. I Am the guiding light of your Being. I open the door and welcome you – will you step inside dear Ones……


This Ashram is the Jewel in the Rose


Channelled 17.4.2013

For it is, that the New Portal of Divine Love is now anchored in India. As your Blessed feet walk on the warm dust on Indian soil, thus will you once again Be the Love that many are aching to feel. Stay Blessed Sacred Daughter, for you have come to wipe away the tears from all human hearts.


The Temple that is recognized as a global symbol of Love, your beloved Taj, for it is yours, dedicated to express Highest and Pure Love; has been re-dedicated on May 10th 2012.


All Divine Codes are anchored and Your physical presence and that of Your Beloved is a Beacon of Highest True Divine Light and Love for all to see.


Remain Blessed dear Beloveds, we, in the Higher Dimensions; await your presence with the greatest anticipation. We partake in the Joyful times ahead, all Blessings are Yours Beloved Daughter.


Yeshua through Master SaRa bint Maria Magdalena bint Yeshua


Chanelled 4.12.2014

Shakti Aabhaa