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Sometimes we experience turmoil in our own life such as a divorce/break up, a particularly grievous argument or a death. Following such events is a good time to do a space/house clearing as well as a personal aura clearing.

Very often the energy of people who have negatively affected the space is stuck in the home or/and in our aura and has no way to get released.

Hands-on or Distance - Includes Angelic Light Weaving for Protection - lasts around 40 minutes



Hands-on or Distance session - Lasts around 90 minutes



Our home should be our haven, but it is also where we let go of some of our most negative emotions. Consider all the other people around you who are also adding their energy? What makes the energy in a living space uncomfortable?

It is usually to do with stagnant energies which accumulate. We are constantly creating energy with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, etc. When this stagnant energy becomes too heavy this calls for an energetic clearing for your home or business.

As we move into a new home you may desire to remove all the energies of the previous owners. Sometimes people have left their previous home, which is now yours, for reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions, or the energy of someone that passed on there remains. If you can't seem to get your place in order or feel that something isn’t quite right with your home; perhaps you move furniture and pictures around or redecorate but you are still unable to get your home to feel right and welcoming as you would wish.

Clearing this can relieve you from the distress of other people's lives.

Knowing that our actions and habits as well as our thoughts, emotions, intentions and words can affect our environment energetically is one of the first steps towards taking responsibility for what we are creating around us.


When doing a clearing SaRa directs positive and clearing energy toward balancing the energy of your property. This is a healing and balancing for your house. It is similar to acupuncture/meridian clearing in that the property will have excesses and deficiencies in energy.


SaRa uses her psychic vision to see the voids and excesses and also scan your home and rebalance your property.

Consider also all of the energies that enter your home everyday from electric cables, ley lines, mobile phones, microwaves, computers, television, lighting systems, chemicals in food, in cleaning products, clutter around the house, etc. Some of the situations that are addressed are:

• EMFs coming from appliances in your space, from the neighbours appliances.

• From the local environment such as large commercial buildings, electrical plants, cellphone towers, high voltage transmission lines, nearby highways, flight paths, sewerage, etc.

SaRa will also be able to pinpoint unbalanced energy coming from human negativity caused by residents, businesses or institutions nearby. Clearing can be done onsite or remotely.


Energy clearing is done instantly and a check up done after 2 weeks to see if there are anything that needs to be energetically adjusted. You will instantly feel the difference in the energy of your home and report changes such as:

• A cleaner, more spacious feeling

• A real physical brightness in the home

• Getting along better with family members or business associates

• Animals or children getting along better

• Greater productivity, staying on task more readily and being more focused, better sleep quality

Having trouble selling your home or looking to raise the value? House clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically!

In Situ or Distance - lasts around 3 hours for an average size family home


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