Etheric Surgery

Etheric Surgery


Experience this wonderful healing method of the 21st Century!

Pain and disease is usually caused by imbalances, blockages, negative thought forms and/or repressed emotions.

Apart from physical exercise, almost every ache and pain we experience is a repressed emotional issue.

Some forms of cancer for instance are most certainly due to the suppression of feelings.

These imbalances first manifest in the etheric body and afterwards in the physical body and it always happens in this order.


Etheric spiritual surgery is a technique which literally removes deep rooted blockages and imbalances out of the etheric body, before they manifest in the physical.

This method is pain free, fast and is a very easy process which promotes deep healing in the patient.

It does not need any anaesthetic therefore no post-operation recovery necessary.

It is non-invasive so there is no blood loss either.


The client does not feel anything while the operation is taking place, so suffering no physical discomfort.

It is applied the same way as Reiki, either hands-on or at a distance and any condition can be worked on.


The advantage of working on the etheric template is that any changes on that level will automatically affect the physical body and results are often instantaneous.


This is an active form of healing and the therapist is directly assisted by Spirit Surgeons. Techniques conventionally used in a hospital by surgeons can also be used by Spirit Surgeons. But they also make full use of colour energy, lasers and "hi tech" equipment, which we have yet to discover.

Etheric spiritual surgery is performed through the hands of the healer into the body of the patient. No physical cuts are made during the surgery. The healer, in semi-trance, or meditative state, has his hands guided by Spirit. Some healers move their hands as if they are operating on the body, others do not.

The way I have always experienced it is that I place my hands on the client, on the same spot, for up to 20 minutes sometimes. This method is carried out using spiritual instruments and is performed with the aid of one or several Spirit Guides. Spiritual surgeons detects imbalances, operate on or remove the etheric parts of the body in which disease is developing.

After etheric spiritual surgery the diseased component is no longer evident, it changes the vibration of the organ, which causes the diseased component to be rejected. It just disintegrates. Spiritual energy can do only good and there are no risks of complications or contamination as in orthodox surgery.

The patient gets up and goes home as soon as the procedure is over. You could call it "keyhole" etheric spiritual surgery and the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure.


  • I have treated many female patients on their internal organs specifically on the uterus and ovaries and the removal of menstrual pains
  • Also treated both male and female on their reproductive systems with cases of infertility or sexual dysfunction
  • Many were treated for their kidneys, liver, lungs and the heart. Some people have had adjustments made to their spine, their feet
  • Others have been treated for gallstones removal or post surgery attachments (internal scaring after surgery which sometimes bleeds internally).
  • One person had a lump on his wrist which disappeared in a few days.
  • I personally had a bad burn that healed instantly. In most cases it takes only one session but it is possible that several are needed.


Spirit Surgeons that choose to assist us do so for reasons of compatibility.

When we start the procedure we normally tune-in and clairvoyantly the Surgeons appear.

I have regularly been assisted by Saints and Archangels during a healing session, although I prefer not to name them here. I have revealed their presence to the patient at the time.

A South American lady who has a great knowledge about herbs and plants of comes and gives advice during a session.

My Guides are of course always present when I give a healing session .


I am truly grateful for the expert assistance of these Spirit Surgeons without whom the health of many would not have improved so quickly.

Shakti Aabhaa