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Goddess Awakening


The Goddess Awakening programme is for all women, for all women are Goddesses.

If we keep doing the same things in the same way, there should be no surprise that we keep getting the same results.


While this is good in most cases, there comes a time in our lives where we feel the need of a radical change, we feel it in our heart and soul. We yearn to be reborn into a powerful Goddess, the only thing is.... we don't know how to, where to start, who to ask for help in such matters?


We admire strong women all around us, thinking that this strength is not attainable for us, that such women are just lucky and we can never have what "they have" because we do not have money or beauty or such unperceivable thing that we lack. This thinking is actually the furtherest from the truth as it can be, in the sense that ALL WOMEN can be such an empowered Goddess. It is a certainty that these strong and empowered women would have worked very hard to become who they are. They would have fought against criticism, against erroneous perceived values, against inequality, against themselves at times. They have remained strong in their own power, never giving in, never accepting what does not come from love and light; even if they have to wait a long time for their needs to be fulfilled; never giving their power away to be used against themselves or humanity. Yes, it is such a high place to be in, a place of power.... a place of sovereignty.

A Goddess is such, a woman who knows her own strength, her own power, who uses it in various degrees to transform her life and the lives of all those who come close to her. Lastly and more importantly, a Goddess uses all her might and all her power with great love and wisdom. At this moment she reaches beyond time and space and becomes eternal, the mother, the sustainer, the truly Awakened Goddess. Her heart engulfs all and whoever comes in contact with Her truly feels the power of the Shakti, the Great Goddess, the Mother of All and She empowers us just by being in proximity of Her.

This program is to help all women awaken the Goddess in them. We will teach you how to be a source of eternal love and radiant light shining as an everlasting beacon through the darkness of the night, to become a refined and polished diamond, radiating love.

SaRa is such a person who has reached a place of peace within, a clear channel for Shakti and the Goddess. SaRa has mastered her inner power and has cultivated a sense of great peace and contentment within.

The Goddess has shown SaRa that it was the right time for her to empower others and has now given her the mission to teach other women to awaken the Goddess within.


An Ascended Master herself, SaRa channels the Lavender Flame of Quan Yin and Lotus Jewels, she is merged with Divine Mother and Goddess energies, has Divine Mother and Lady Masters fully anchored in her heart and has merged with the Light Body of Mother Mary and the Light Body of Quan Yin. She does meditations to call forth the Divine Mother and Goddess energies to fully anchor the Divine Feminine within her.


The Goddess Awakening Program will teach you how to empty your mind from unnecessary thoughts, help you increase your inner strength, expands your channel, expand your mind and gain the ability to remove fear. Consistent meditation practice will help you clear and focus the mind and help you cultivate compassion toward all beings.

First we must release all of our "baggage", all of the fears that block us from progressing the way we are meant to. The immediate effect of all this acceleration is to bring into our consciousness all of these fears, so that we can process and release them. We are cleaning house on a monumental scale, not just this lifetime, but all of our lifetimes at once.


Although this may appear daunting, we also are surrounded by more light energy and spiritual guidance to help us to do this than has ever before been available to us. We have only to ask for it. You will learn to harmoniously move from the fear vibration to the love vibration, because love and fear cannot coexist in the same space (or body) at the same time. The more you are totally enveloped in and by love, the higher are your vibrations. The more you can feel and express unconditional love to yourself and to those around you, the closer you are to totally merging with your highest aspect... your Goddess Self.

Since we have been lugging this stuff around with us for ages, it will take a little bit of focus to release it all. These powerful healing methods will bring about your rebirth into joy and harmony.


These are some of the methods which will be in the Goddess Awakening programme:

  • Meditations - Visualisation - Affirmations - Prayers - Sounding & chanting
  • Creating wealth and abundance
  • Shakti balancing - Chakra clearing and balancing
  • DNA reprogramming
  • Karma clearing
  • Healing



This will include healing sessions for those who have suffered abuse, also for women who have had difficult experiences while pregnant or giving birth.


Body movement (yoga, dance)

A special workout has been designed that can be used even by those who have difficulty in moving. The aim is not to get muscles or a lean body but to gently awaken the body.


Through accessing your deepest cellular memories you will once again resonate with the Goddess, the energies of which will transport you into a new dimension of space and time.


This program is for all who are ready to progress to the next stage of their development and ready to accept the challenges of the next part of their spiritual journey in of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


We are now offering you to join us in the great adventure of Awakening the Goddess within!


2012 Workshops

About the retreat

It is a 5 day programme to be held in the South of France

We offer you a Retreat that is all inclusive [workshop, accommodation, food, transport to and from airport]

Participants wishing to receive private tuition such as Reiki and various other energy systems will be able to do so at greatly discounted rates. Certificates and relevant manuals will be issued for these additional courses.


How much will it cost?

In 2012 this 5 day all inclusive Retreat was charged at £1371. This will be reviewed for the 2015 retreats, according to location. This is for workshops held in the South of France, on the dates given below. Other fees may apply to other locations.

There is a non-returnable deposit fee of £250 to secure a place on the retreat.

To be able to fully give time to everyone to enjoy this Retreat, the maximum number of attendants is 12 per workshop.

Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from France.


What will be included in the retreat?

These are some, but by all means not all of the activities which you will experience in this wonderful Goddess Awakening Programme:

Meditations - Creating wealth and abundance - Chakra clearing and balancing - DNA reprogramming - Karma clearing... and more


Where will you stay?

Accommodation will be provided at the venue. Additionally, a family set up is ideal to welcome you at the end of each day, making you feel cocooned and loved. A holiday within a holiday. The area is a rich in beauty and many activities can be done there such as canoeing, paragliding, hiking, etc.... some of the local area is out of the beaten track and a heaven of peace where you will be able to reflect while you are on the retreat.


You will find your hosts to be truly hospitable and will be delighted to welcome you, making you feel a part of their family. Whenever possible they will include you in their social functions. Visits to places of interests will be available. A memorable time to be immersed in local culture, sample delicious cuisine and an occasion to totally unwind.


When will it be held?

2015 - Dates to be confirmed - The programe will be held in


  • Glastonbury
  • India
  • Serbia
  • Italy
  • Mexico




Additional dates and locations will be available soon, we will post the details as soon as they are coming available.


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