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This site was created to be a small island of serenity. We hope you will find in the following pages the reflection of peace within and what it feels like when we let go of our cares and concerns. See it like a rest area for the soul.


Here you will find much to read and it is possible that some of these ideas are new to you. You may find that you would like to try out and discover for yourself some of the therapies we offer on this site.


The path is open in front of you and where you will take your next step is up to you… Relax and enjoy letting go… Fill up your mind, your heart and your soul with love and beauty. Enjoy being in the now…


Our lives often are like survival and it is not what they are mean to be. We own so much in the way of comfort, technology and we seem to make giant leaps in many fields, and for all this, something always seems to be missing from the equation.


We amass enough riches that should keep us happy and comforted, so why are we not happy?

What is that essential something that is missing?


Suddenly we realise that maybe a simpler way of life may actually make us happier. We realise that life can be short and that it needs living and enjoying to the full. We may notice all around us that more people and more are just surviving. It then brings home the fact that life is not so bad after all and maybe we should look out and start sharing.


We start giving some of our time and ourselves and by doing so we build up our Love “bank account” and it is the only currency that never depreciate. By letting go of all our wants, all our needs are met, they always will be. Please just look around you and see how much heartbreak there is.


It does not have to be that way. We notice the grumpy people; we notice the helpless and fragile ones. Hear their silent plight. Listen and feel their pain from the deep recesses of your heart. Ask your soul what it is that you can do to change this.


When we focus less on “our stuff” and start giving a little more love suddenly life takes on a totally new appearance and has a new flavour. There is no “them” and “us” anymore. We are all one.

What are we going to do to change this world for the better? It may start with just a smile for a stranger to sponsoring an orphan.


More and more are awakening to this silent call from within. Their soul is now guiding them and these people are like the thousand shining stars we see in the summer night’s sky. These souls are guided from above and are here to help their brothers and sisters awaken to a more gentle and loving way of life.

Because they are guided from above they act on the spur of the moment and offer their help as the need arises. Love is their only guidance, and they do not follow any specific book, method or creed or religion. They are just the way-showers, pointing you in the right direction, pointing you towards the light and encouraging you to take that first step. There is nothing to fear in allowing yourself to be who you want to be. Follow your heart and follow your soul. Be kind and compassionate to one and all.


Be love.


Allow these words to enter your heart:


I am Love


And from that little seed, a beautiful flower will blossom and share its fragrance wherever it goes.


We wish you to exude that fragrance of love…


We wish you peace and serenity.


We must start with ourselves, and continue to grow in Spirit and Love and Understanding - or better still "overstanding", as in standing over and seeing the "bigger picture". Life, the school of life is a continuous process and we are all on the same journey, albeit at different speeds.


Some are on the Path, others are about to find it, and many more do not even realize there is one...


So my Friend, if you stumbled upon these words and you know you are on the Path, or have just found yours, please keep shinning as bright as you can to show the way for those who are still in total ignorance of it. It is our Duty, yours and mine. We probably will never be acknowledged or thanked for it. Never mind, this we do from the Heart and it makes us shine even more.


So keep the flame of your heart burning bright, and spread Love and Light all around.

Once you "re" - discover Unconditional Love and Eternal Divine Light, you will never forget it, for it is and always was within you...


If you wish to know more about anything on these pages and could not find sufficient information, please email us.


If you are in need of healing, do not hesitate to contact us, and make an appointment to experience these powerful and wonderful healing energies.



With Love and Light and Compassion


Yours in Service


SaRa and Beloved






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