Melchizedek Synthesis Ray

Shakti Aabhaa




The cosmic four-fold Gold-White-Platinum-Opalescent Melchizedek Synthesis Ray is much much more than the original [violet in colour] Usui planetary reiki healing ray.

is a divine dispensation and upgrade from God on the Reiki Ray.


Prayer is talking to GOD.


Meditation is listening to GOD.


Melchizedek Synthesis Reiki Energy Mastery is becoming and being GOD. It's much much more and way way beyond planetary reiki. It has been described as the most powerful transformative ray on earth - way beyond even the Mahatma.


Melchizedek's legends say he was the most beloved of God. Melchizedek is the Universal Logos or Teacher and is a celestial virtue of great grace who does for heavenly angels and super-luminal beings, what Christ does for man.


Melchizedek is also referred to as 'the educator of the soul' and the order of Melchizedek is concerned with that part of us which is immortal, the eternal divine essence. Melchizedek as the King of Righteousness is only associated with the science of the soul. This perfect science is focused on soul education and raising in light consciousness, not only of us humans of this earth but of all other conscious species everywhere in the Cosmos, to ensure continued spiritual evolution.


The Law of Melchizedek is the Law of One - We are One - The Great Breath, One Spirit - expressing itself in infinite ways


The Order of Melchizedek includes all who elect to serve as guided by the divine within them


The Melchizedek Synthesis Ray is much more than a healing ray, it is the ray of creation and spiritual freedom. It speeds up the ascension process by 1000.

It is directly overlit by Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma - the Avatar of Synthesis, by Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah - the Divine Feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit.


Working with this ray fast tracks the balancing of the divine masculine and feminine within perfectly balancing the right and left brain hemispheres and the mental and emotional bodies of light. At the second level, it expands further to embrace the 10 mighty Kaballah Archangels, the Chohans of the 12 rays and another divine dispensation, the 10 lost Yod spectrum rays, all these guides could be named "the Rainbow Masters".


Now we are attuned to a full 22 Ascended Master Ray Spectrum. In this initiation you are offered alignment to this powerful Ray of Being and Becoming.


The Ray holds your original DNA activation keycodes and fire letters, personal and planetary healing symbols and codes, light information packets with codes for immortality, living on light and cellular rejuvenation, which includes:


THE TOTAL higher clearing of all personal and planetary karma - not just on a causal level. The attunement opens and expands the heart, anchoring and activating the higher light body vehicle energies. You are merged on the higher illumined inner planes of light and truth and you become ready to cross the Omega threshold out of separation back into ONENESS prepared for full merger and integrated ascension.

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