Past Life Guided Meditation

Shakti Aabhaa




Through her connection to the higher dimensions SaRa will help you explore your Soul journey and any past lives that may still be influencing you, sometimes in a less than positive manner.

The purpose of the healing meditation is to enable a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential as well as examining unhealed karmic influences and patterns. The readings help to bring some clarity and understanding in to your life and assist the reconnection to your soul vibration to make it easier to access your life purpose.

This is a holistic healing meditation which examines all aspects of your existence; physical, emotional and spiritual. SaRa offers spiritual counselling as part of the session and sometimes specific practices are given to assist the balancing and integration of the higher energy system in to the physical life.

Each reading is unique and individual aimed at your specific needs and vibrations at that time in your life.


The Soul forces are asked to impart whatever you need to know now for your highest unfoldment. Healing energy is transmitted through the reading and if required separate “Soul Clearing and Healing” can be given.


Past Life Healing Guided Meditation

Delivered live on the phone or Skype - 90 to 120 minutes

Although you may discover during the session that you had one or several lives as a leader or "important" persona, the point of these sessions is purely to heal specific parts of one or several past lives - £148


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