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Sekhem/Seichim is an Ancient Egyptian word meaning power or might.

May all who would benefit from this path be guided to it.

May we all use this power with compassion.



Seichim is not a new system, it is an ancient Egyptian form of healing. Reiki and Seichim are taught separately. Seichim complements and enhances traditional medicine. It is based on and originated from, the same source as Reiki. It is difficult to adequately describe the feeling of this beautiful energy. As always it is best to experience it to understand what Seichim feels like. As with Reiki, it cannot be put into words, but it would be fair to say it is an ecstatic feeling in one's heart energy. It is transmitted through hands and breath, and of course through distance healing.


Seichim is a experienced uniquely by each individual. It promotes balance, transformation, harmony, positivity, and altogether a more refined sensitive consciousness. Seichim works together with the unconscious, the Higher Self, and angelic guides. It opens the heart to create a multi-dimensional bridge with the Source. It is then that we find the inner inspiration to heal and to change those states of consciousness which limit and separate our "self" from our "true self", and our soul's purpose.


Many healers use both systems, allowing the four elemental healing rays to flow together, greatly enhancing their healing potential. Seichim is a living light energy, and it's elemental rays are:


SAKARA: Connected to the element of fire, Sakara is usually felt as hot or tingling, electrical impulses. Sakara works in the aura, burns through and transforms blocks and resistance in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Sakara also assists in balancing the auric field.


SOPHI - EL: Connected to the element of water, Sophi-el can be felt as gentle waves, coolness or as an intense cold like ice. Sophi-el reaches deep into our core within the emotional bodies, where it opens the heart to receive love and feel compassion. Sophi-el brings up the root causes of imbalance. It aids emotional and sexual healing.


ANGEL - LIGHT: This energy works as a two fold ray, working with both the elements of Air and the Angelic realm. This energy can be felt as cool wafting breezes, or by sensations of touch away from the area being worked upon. Air expresses the qualities of communication, enhancing the healers' perception and facilitating an improved spiritual link between the client, healer and Ascended Master.


The energies can be called in separately, or all together, the practitioner only acts as a channel as the energies always flow to where they are needed most. It is a powerful tool, balancing both the masculine and feminine energies of power and transformation and helps release deeply held thought forms in the etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. It accelerates our personal development and speeds us along our path, assisting us in achieving our fullest potential. With Seichim, one finds the courage to look honestly at oneself, to go within and take a good look and see who and what we truly are.


Seichim assists in cutting through the blocks to one’s personal development, much as a hot knife cuts through butter. It helps us release thought forms that are deeply-held in the etheric body, which in turn create symptoms of disease and restrict the flow of energy (Ki, Chi) in the physical body. The energy blocks are dissolved with ease, our perceptions are refined as we integrate and work with Seichim.


These are some of the areas where Seichim can help:


Deep relaxation

Stress reduction

Clearing of addictive patterns

Emotional stability and greater self-esteem



Increased energy and vitality

Improved relationships


Reiki: connected to the Earth element, this can be experienced as hot or cold. Characteristics of earth energy are those of grounding and foundation. Reiki is fundamental to all other elemental healing rays. Reiki harmonises and re-balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Seichim - Sekhem - SKHM - Seichem, which is which?


In my view they are just different spellings of the word or sound:


Seichim - It is said to be the Sanskrit spelling, but Sanskrit uses a different alphabet, so Seichim is a phonetic transcription of the Sanskrit.


Sekhem - Said to be the ancient Egyptian spelling of the word, and as we know ancient Egyptians used a different writing system, so what we have yet another phonetic rendition.


SKHM - Claimed to be the true phonetic rendition of the Arabic, because the language has no vowels, yet Arabic does have sounds which, in English, are called vowels.


Seichem - Another spelling of the word.


How is Seichim different from Reiki?


It is commonly said that Seichim is of a different vibrational frequency than Reiki. My explanation is simple when we look at the prism above. Pure white light, when beamed through a prism shows all the different colours it is made of. In the same manner the Divine Healing Energy "separates" into:


Reiki = Earth


Sakara = Fire


Sophi-El = Water


Angel Light = Air & Angelic Realm


Our knowledge and understanding of these frequencies and rays increases as we rise through the grade levels, so the vibrational frequency of the energy we can channel increases as we further attune ourselves to it. When we first become attuned to the Divine Light Energy it flows through us at a certain frequency which is compatible with our physical system at that time and will not damage it. Think of the different electrical currents used in different parts of the world.


Further attunements allow the body’s "electrical system" to tolerate higher frequencies. As we bring those frequencies in as we channel the energy, the feel is different, and we could think that it is a different energy entirely. If we are to accept that the energy being channelled comes from Source, God, Allah, then all that is happening is merely a different focus on the various aspects of the energy, as in the different colours of light and different electrical currents. As our channelling ability improves and clarifies, and different techniques used to it's application we experience a different feel to theses energies.


Seichim Master Lineage


Patrick Zeigler

Tom Seaman

Phoenix Summerfield

Mary Shaw

Christine Henderson

Bruce Way

Ariane McMinn

Frances Wartnaby



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