Soul Readings

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Are you ready to reconnect with the truth of who You really are?

Are you ready to receive Divine insights that will help you make clearer decisions in your life?

A Soul reading is for those who are right now undergoing a change of some sort; for those sitting on the fence, or on a volcano waiting to errupt and change EVERYTHING.... Always fighting change? Then this is for you.


The sheer amount of energy used to fight against change is truly exhausting. Added to this, anger and frustration are always on your side, walking along wherever you go.... and last but not least; your inner child is having regular tantrums!


It does not have to be so, there is much love and much healing taking place when we allow change to take place, to be in the flow of the Universe.


We are living in a time of powerful change, living at a time when we, as the inhabitants of this planet, have the capacity to help bring about this change with love and light. By living in the Truth of who we really are, our true essence, we live in our connection to Source.


From this place, we are Love and we are Light, and we grace each other's lives with our Presence.

A soul reading session is a wonderful gift to yourself.

In a soul reading your soul is communicating information through SaRa that your higher self wants you to know. She becomes the voice for your soul. Your higher self has an overview of your entire life, therefore an incredible perspective on why things have happened the way they have, and what is yet to come. A soul reading allows you to return home to yourself, to your connection to Source. From this place of Presence, you will hear the messages that your soul has to give to you.

It is SaRa's intention that these soul readings will empower you to connect with your soul and to stay in connection with your soul on a daily basis.

You will be given tools that help you to stay connected or re-connect with your soul anytime anywhere.

Embrace your Soul's essence! Experience peace and clarity on all levels. Welcome to the start of your journey of spiritual awakening.

A Soul Reading brings about a vibrational alignment to the person receiving the reading. Once in this vibrational alignment, one can access the wisdom of the Soul from a place of Pure Unconditional LOVE where only information serving our highest good and purpose is revealed.

Take the path slowly, and only accept what you are ready to accept, what makes sense to you, what speaks to you, what resonates with your heart. Then it will become a path you can easily follow.


Soul Reading - Delivered live on the phone or Skype

Average duration is 60 to 75 minutes - £375


For more information on this service please email SaRa


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