Tantric Healing & Sacred Touch

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Tantric Healing and Sacred Touch


Important Notice:


Tantric massage is NOT an escort or sexual service.

Tantric practitioners and tantra massage therapists are trained and qualified in various modalities.


They are all commited to their ongoing professional development in the field of tantra and sexual health and healing.


Tantra is a divine practice. You must treat yourself as a divine person. Rejuvenate and be the blissful soul you deserve to be.

From a space of consciousness, a Tantric massage session begins with deep touches to release tensions of the back and pelvis. Once the muscles are relaxed, energy pulses with soft touches that bring energy to the skin, distributing sensation to the most sensitive to the most dormant part of the body. Following specific channels of energy flow, small "spasms" start to happen in consecutive waves.


This flow allows the release of tensions of old memories, of stress and tension and chakras are balanced. New neurological connections to the acceptance of new sensations and perceptions which were unknown; not accepted or not supported are created. The goal is to experience pleasure and sensual possibilities of starting from a new perspective, which is the science of Tantra.



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