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These are a few extracts from letters and emails sent to SaRa by devotees, students and clients over the years.

If you feel you have been touched in some way by SaRa's loving energies and wish to share your experience with others, please do not hesitate to email her. She would be honoured to add your testimonial on this page.

Dear SaRa,

Thank you with all my heart, I've learned a lot and do hope to put it in good practise. I've decided to devote myself to reiki practise.

Sanja ~ Croatia


Thank you SaRa for giving me a reading about my son who passed away. Thank you for letting me know that he is safe and happy where he is. You knew as soon as you saw me you had to tell me that he was ok. It was a relief, coincidence or did we mean to meet where we did. You gave me hope to carry on. Thank you so so much. God Bless you

Urkiye Dervish - London - Wednesday, 27 August, 2008


I hope it is not too difficult for u to send distance reiki. I feel that the real reward for you lies with Allah Rab ul Alameen. May Allah Taalah give you a truly prosperous and a happy life in this world and also in the hereafter. Amen. Take care, Allah Hafiz. Sincerely,

F. M ~ Rawalpindi


Thanks so much, dear SaRa. Thanks for your compassionate understanding. May God bless you always and everything and everyone close to your heart.

Karin ~ USA


Dear SaRa,

Your site is very nice & informative. This is just to wish you Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success in entire life. I really respect you. I read your last two mails again and again. Allah will help us to serve humanity.

Dr S ~ Okara


A renewed hope

You are truly a gift from God. Thanks does not even begin to express the gratitude I'm feeling for your prompt, beautiful, warm, caring and precious response. I feel so loved and so special and so important just reading your words. I began crying as soon as I saw your email address in my inbox. But they were tears of hope and love and relief. You inspire me. I will work hard today to express my thanks in every way I can. I know I've a long journey ahead of me, but with love and guidance and souls like you, I can hold that hope that my light will again shine and that I will again be able to do for others in my own special way.

All of my love to you and from the depths of my soul, you are an angel, a savior. I'm sure you must be very busy with all the tragedy in the Gulf region, so it means even that much more that you have taken the time for me. May your strength endure through this time of great need so that you can touch those souls as you have touched mine. Bless you sweet child of God.

Angela - W ~ USA


Dear SaRa

Thank u very much for treating me. I do feel difference, my eyes are a little better, I mean not sore most of the time like before.

S - Z ~ Rawalpindi


Greetings from The Ancient One

Hello SaRa

While traversing through the Kingdom of Infinite Possibilities which is the world wide web I came upon the Bright Blessing which is your site. Sharing of ones Self Illuminates the Path of Awareness and Wisdom for all who cross your Path. I Enjoyed your Creative Expression. You follow your own Rhythm and you have Knowledge within. Bravo!

May yours be a Sacred Understanding which gives you Inner Peace of Mind that you may Flourish and Prosper. My name is Micheal Lucien Teal. I am a Shamanic Researcher, Poet and Spiritual Entrepreneur in Hamilton Ontario. Thank you for Sharing your Spiritual Voice. We all have an Immortal Intellect which carries with it Ageless Messages. I Enjoyed your Perspective. Your pages have Creative Sustenance to Nourish those Blessed to find you in Cyberspace.

I wish you a Universal Holiness open to Unimaginable Possibilities. May you always be the Master of your own Life and may the Spirit of the Eagle guide you to Soar with the Angels.

Yours in Bliss and Transformation

Micheal Teal - The Ancient One ~ Canada


Testimonials for SaRa

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“SaRa will bring you to where you intend to be, in an instant! She is creative; her support creates and expands your intentions and it is all within a containable plan that is endless. I recommend SaRa without hesitation or extra thought. Please share this experience and lead from a place of highest understanding” - S. London - February 24, 2011

Great Results, Personable, Expert

“SaRa Was Simply Fantastic in Providing Me Healing With Excellent Results. She is Very Kind, Considerate and Helps you and assists you in getting the Best Possible Well Being within her capacity and believe me she makes sure that you get excellent results out of her Healing. I would Highly Recommend her at all times. Thank You SaRa for all that you have done for me With Much Love and Light "- Tahir - Toronto - May 18, 2011

Angela hired you as a Personal Healer and Guide

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“SaRa, has been an invaluable resource. She has amazing powers, psychic and healing. There are really not many words to describe how important she has become to me my family and many of my friends. Through SaRa's guidance and Healing knowledge my life has changed 100 percent for the better. I have a deep respect and Love for her. I would highly recommend SaRa for anything you need.” Angela Kim - USA - May 20, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“SaRa is a very sensitive, intuitive healer and works with high integrity and knowledge. Her work is tailored to the individual and she makes her client feel that they can help themselves, whilst she is always on hand to give back-up and support. I am very happy to recommend her, and I would definitely work with her again.” Nicky Batt - UK - May 19, 2011

“I have much respect and admiration for SaRa's work. I always attend her Grounding workshops when i can and get a reiki healing session as often as i can. I can highly recommend her New Guided meditation CD its extremely relaxing and takes you to a different world.. You rock SaRa!! xx” Belinda - UK - September 17, 2011


Crystal King hired you as a Reiki Master in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I have had the pleasure of connecting with and working with SaRa many times now and have nothing but amazing results every time! SaRa is a woman like no other, very personable and extremely trustworthy. She is an expert Reiki Master and someone who I hope to continue to work with and interact with on both a business and personal level for a very long time! I feel that SaRa's sessions have helped me on so many levels and I always leave feeling 100% ready to go and do great things! I highly recommend SaRa's Reiki sessions and also doing grounding work with her - it can be life transforming! An amazing experience every time and a pleasure to know such a gifted and positive woman like SaRa! Thumbs up!” Crystal King Emmanuel - UK - October 2, 2011

Ivanka hired you as a Reiki Healing and Intuitive Healing in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“SaRa did a Reiki Healing session on me. I know that she also uses other approaches to do her healing which I believe is a great variety of different techniques which she will be much better at explaining than me as it is her field of expertise. I have had quite a few Reiki sessions in my life and also met many Reiki practioners and Reiki Masters. SaRa is the one who has given me the most powerful Reiki healing ever in my life by far. She is massively talented at what she does and 1 of the most if not the most charismatic human being I have ever met in my life. SaRa has a very lovely energy and radiates lots of love and truly wants to serve human kind.”Ivanka B. - UK - November 30, 2011


"Hi SaRa, you were right in that all the problems are interconnected and are coming from brain and nervous system. Many thanks!" Sharon T - UK - June 23, 2012

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